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Three easy steps to improve your Instagram

  1. Try a colorful profile pic

When is the last time you changed your Instagram profile photo?

Did you know you can use an app like Magic Eraser to erase the background of an image and change the background color? This is really handy for profile pictures on Instagram, since the profile picture is very small on the notifications screen. You really want to grab Instagram users’ attention so they follow you back!

  1. Use a photo editor for your photos

When you post photos, make sure that you’re only posting the highest quality photos on your Instagram account.

Take lots of photos of the same shot from different angles, and just pick the best one to post.

And, don’t forget to edit your photos. Snapseed is a great app for easy on-the-go photo editing. It’s easy to adjust the brightness and saturation of a photo to really make it pop.

  1. Post at least 1x per day

Yes, it may seem like a lot to post once every day, but this is really the bare minimum if you want to grow fast on Instagram.